Living Green: Benefits of a Vegan Organic Raw Food Diet

By Steven Molina

Living Green: Benefits of a Vegan Organic Raw Food Diet

Living Green: Benefits of a Vegan Organic Raw Food Diet

In my quest to find and research the many forms of diets available, I came across the Vegan Organic Raw Food diet. Granted, that the other types of diets may work for many. However, if you are looking for a clean and healthy ways of eating, this is the way to go because it is an all plant-based diet with no traces of animal products even eggs or dairy.

There is no cooking involved and all foods are eaten raw, fresh, fermented or dehydrated. We all know or have experienced being unhealthy and in this day and age, we are looking to improve our lives in more ways than one. We make resolutions to make certain changes, some that are achievable, others a tad unrealistic. When it comes to diets, they can be challenging to stick to because most of them dictate that you go without your normal day-to-day meals for a set period.

Making the Switch to Raw Food

The difference with the vegan organic diet is that it can be a lifestyle. What you eat from this day henceforth will have tremendous health benefits because you will only consume foods in their natural state, unrefined and fresh fruits and vegetables. There are challenges that come with learning how to eat and adjust to the raw food diet 100%. It takes time, discipline and patience.

You can start with:

    •    Slowly increasing the number of raw meals in your diet every day.

 •    Have an option of an assortment of vegetable or fruit smoothies for breakfast. Breaking that fast helps with continuity and flow throughout the day.

 •    Raw salads are now your friend. Make it fun by using leafy greens and mixing it up with sweet fruits such as an apple or tomatoes.

Benefits of going raw

Our taste buds have been exposed to the taste of salt, sugar, spices and the taste and smell of the regular cooked meals. However, the health benefits that come with the raw diet is a lifetime of optimum health and longevity. It’s an easy trade-off from toxicity to clean living.

Here are more reasons why to try it:

    •    You are not missing out on any essential minerals and nutrients in this diet because they not only have sustainable amounts of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, they are the best way to keep an optimum body weight and you will rarely suffer any chronic or short-term illnesses.

    •    Your body will start to cleanse itself naturally because it has fewer toxins to eliminate.
    •    The vegan raw food diet means that you will not suffer constipation. The body is able to digest and eliminate the waste matter in just a few hours, unlike any other diet that takes 2 – 3 days.

    •    There is no bloating and certainly no unpleasant smelling stool or gas. This means that you have a happy and clean colon.
    •    Heating or cooking food makes them lose hundreds of vital nutrients, they are damaged and lost leaving behind empty calories.
Make the switch today.