Staying Fit

By Steven Molina

Best way to cleanse and stay fit.

1)   Plan ahead – try to plan the juice cleanse on a light schedule day(s) as possible! Your body (specifically energy levels…and maybe even your friends) will thank you for that extra little step of planning.

2)   Drink lots of water – I know, this cleanse is already fully liquid so why am I suggesting more liquid?! I found that drinking water throughout the day helped rebalance my taste buds. When I had more water the second day, the juices went down much easier.

3)   Herbal teas – it’s important to stay warm during a cleanse (especially since the winter weather has now finally hit!). There’s nothing like a warm enveloping hug from a hot cup of tea! Herbal teas that aid the detox are great mid-day additions during the cleanse.

4)   Mindfulness – there have been a plethora of reviews about juice cleanses listing various reactions people have such as light headedness, moodiness, fatigue, and weakness. If you haven’t done a cleanse before, I would advise you to listen to your body and make the necessary adjustments to your routine to ensure that you have a successful cleanse!

5)   Post-Cleanse - slow and steady wins the race – keep listening to your body because after a couple of days of cleansing, going back to a regular solid diet could give a little shock to your body. Keeping on a mostly plant-based, whole food diet is a good segway out of the cleanse.